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Lawyer in Lucca since 2004, authorized to practice up to the Court of Cassation, registered in the Free Legal Aid lists of the Lucca Bar Association.
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The skills of the lawyer in Lucca

The lawyer Nicola Barsotti of Lucca is the owner of a law firm made up of several lawyers specialized in various sectors of law.

The Barsotti Law Firm in Lucca was founded in 2004 and deals mainly with issues related to civil law. Over the years, the context of the city of Lucca has become internationalized and the Barsotti Law Firm has assisted foreigners who have settled in Lucca or have business in Lucca.

Our lawyers have in fact dealt with real estate issues relating to purchases and sales of properties in Lucca, preparing contracts, powers of attorney, estimates and technical reports through Lucca professionals, maintaining banking relationships and assisting the parties with the deeds before the notary.

The lawyer in Lucca can also help you with inheritance issues for people who have left property or money in Lucca. Among the legal issues that a lawyer in Lucca deals with on behalf of people residing abroad there are also those relating to road accidents that occurred in Italy and in Lucca in particular, which require the assistance of a lawyer in Lucca for the compensation of damage.

Over the course of twenty years of activity, the lawyer Nicola Barsotti of Lucca has assisted foreigners who have interests in Italy also for separations and divorces or termination of relationships between unmarried couples with children.

In cases of family issues such as separations or divorces, the lawyer Nicola Barsotti of Lucca will also defend the interests of the children and help to find the most favorable agreement.

If you are abroad and need a lawyer in Lucca we invite you to contact the lawyer Nicola Barsotti for a consultation via video call. The lawyer Nicola Barsotti from Lucca speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Entrust your legal case to a lawyer in Lucca who can take care of your real estate and family interests.

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